Monday, August 20, 2012

My New Kitchen!

My husband has owned "our" condo for 6 years now and he did a wonderful job redoing everything. HOWEVER, the one thing I hated was the color of the kitchen. It was a blue color that would have been fine but we have no natural light in our kitchen. Our kitchen is on an inside wall and we needed to brighten up our kitchen. It is my favorite place to be and now I love it even more!!!! Sorry about the mess but this is what it looked like before.
Half way there...
Then he surprised me with above and under cabinet lighting!!!! 
EXCITED!!!!!! :)


  1. Can we borrow him to come finish our basement?

    K thx.

    1. Only if you come help us finish our basement! :) That is our next project. I will be uploading that project and boy will it be a project! I can't wait!

  2. How exciting! That was so nice of him.

  3. It looks amazing! I just can't get over how much of an improvement it is.

  4. This is worth to be excited about! The lights under the cabinets are a great addition. It is both functional and beautiful – it further brightens up the place and it adds a stylish look to your kitchen. Your husband is quite a handyman. He did an amazing job on this. Two thumbs up for him!

    Chase Conely

  5. Though blue looks good already, red and black has added elegance to your kitchen! Having windows or even skylights will make your kitchen look spacious, bright and airy. But since you can’t have any, the best you can do is to play with the colors and arrange and organize everything.

    -Mya Chandler